“The front desk, vet tech and doctor were all helpful and courteous.”
-Amy H., Google

“Open and welcoming and helpful taking care of my boss’ chicken when no one else would take a look! Thank you so much!”
-Emlee V., Google

“Dr Archie the best vet in town, I do definitely will come back to this place if I need to.”
-Dorly G., Google

“Dr. Archie, Darlene, et al were absolutely above and beyond today. They handled what was clearly a busy day with grace and compassion. My elder kitty isn’t the nicest at the vet, and not only were they able to handle him kindly and get what they needed, not a single person made me feel ashamed for his behavior (he’s old and scared, you know?) which is so, so appreciated. We love you, Dr. Archie!! Looking forward to bringing our whole brood here.”
-Laura E., Yelp

“My 7yo daughters dwarf hamster got her leg caught in the bars and started limping. They got us in within 45 min. At the office, Dr Archer talked to her as the patients mom and explained everything to her. Told her she was a great mom and took great care of her hamster. They were friendly and informative. I loved that my daughter was the one who explained the injury, got the instructions and was treated like the parent. Would recommend to everyone. Yes”
-Veronica M., Google

“I breed Shih Tzu’s and have for over 40 years. I find this clinic very attentive, reasonably priced and although a fair size they give you that small office attention. I would recommend this clinic to anyone. Thank you, Daphne
-Daphne W., Google

“We had a health issue with our dog. We were taken in quickly with no nonsense. Straight forward… This is hard to find without being sold extra tests etc… Prices are very fair. Our new vets office from this moment forward. Thank you to this great team beginning to end.”
-Pam S., Google

“Veterinary Angels is the best, the staff are great and care for all our dogs with affection. I couldn’t recommend them more, awesome! *****”
-Richard G., Facebook

“We can’t thank The Veterinary Angels enough for not only finding our little rescue pup and making him part of our home but also taking care of him when he gets injured. We brought Sargent Soj Pepper in last week for a checkup. The Veterinarian and staff were very patient and caring for our baby pup. If you’re in the Agoura or Ventura area come here to get the best care for your little furry family member.”

-Tobin L., Yelp

“We just moved back to Agoura Hills and needed to bring in our slightly neurotic chocolate lab for a check up. The entire staff was amazing with her and she had her tail wagging almost the entire time! The vet was very patient, warm and kind and did not make us feel rushed at all and the entire office staff was very friendly as well. I would definitely recommend this vet!!”
-Alicia K., Facebook

“THEY ARE ANGELS! In May of this year I noticed my African Grey was sick. I called one Vet clinic and said how sick my bird was. The first thing they asked was if I was already a client. I said no my bird had never been sick. That clinic refused to see my bird BUT they did give me a referral to VETERINARY ANGELS. I called and spoke to Tamzin. They were SO BUSY but when hearing the symptoms of my Bird they told me to come right in. They put my Birds well being above all else- including their own very busy schedule. Indeed I had a very sick bird. That was four months ago and they have continued to be incredible in their care and compassion towards my bird and me. A huge shout out to Darlene who has gone above and beyond. I MEAN WAY ABOVE AND BEYOND. She truly cares and loves these animals with all her heart. Thank you to Tamzin. Casey, and all the techs who all love my bird and care so much. Also thank you Dr. Archie. My Bird is my world and Veterinary Angels has been a Godsend.
-Donna W., Yelp

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