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Our Veterinary Team

Meet Our Veterinary Team

Get to know the Veterinary Angels Medical Center team and veterinarians! We are honored to offer your pets top-notch veterinary treatment!


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dr. archie
Dr. Yvette Archie, General Practitioner, all species

Doctor Yvette Archie has known since she was seven years old, she wanted to be a veterinarian. She got her love of animals from her father and her thirst for medicine from her mother. After graduating from 12th grade, she had volunteered at UCLA cancer research for animals and knew then she could achieve her dream of becoming a veterinarian. While attending U.C. Irvine, she worked the emergency shift at a 24-hour animal hospital where she pioneered their ambulance services and became a nurse at Lion Country Safari. After graduation, she worked with Woodland Park Zoo as a keeper, nurse, and then a veterinarian. She has been chased by a buffalo, beat up by a monkey and pooped on by an elephant. She is a great believer of incorporating both traditional & holistic medicine and was fortunate to work in small animal clinics utilizing both techniques. Having been raised to always give back, she volunteered with oil-spill birds at The Donner Clinic and was part of a small group that created science to save wildlife a program that targeted minority and at-risk kids through zoo animals to encourage them with math & science. She received a B.S. in Biology from U.C. Irvine and went on to graduate from WSU with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine.

In-House Referral Doctors

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dr. balara
Dr. Jason Balara, DVM, DACVS

Dr. Jason Balara is a Massachusetts native who received his veterinary schooling and training right in his home state: he attended veterinary school at Tufts University, completed an internship at Angell Animal Medical Center, and finished his residency at both institutions between 2005-2008. Upon the completion of his residency, Dr. Balara went “in search of better weather,” where he spent several years working in the Carolinas and found his fiance. They then moved to Houston, TX where Dr. Balara spent three years working for Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists; at the end of his tenure, they both heard sunny Southern California calling and promptly made their way west. Dr. Balara believes in constantly improving the state of veterinary medicine, and therefore passes on his wisdom by teaching students, interns, and residents alike. Dr. Balara is also passionate about minimally invasive surgery and joint replacement.

dr. young
Dr. Sarah Young, Veterinarian – Ultrasonographer

Dr. Sarah Young was born in Sweden to British parents and was fortunate to experience life in several countries before settling in California as a teen. She received a BS in Biology in 1991 at UC Davis, and went on to complete the rigorous UC Davis veterinary school curriculum, receiving her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1995.

Dr. Young completed a veterinary internship in Ventura County before entering private practice and practiced mixed and small animal medicine for 10 years. General practice showed her the tremendous value and benefit of ultrasound in medical diagnosis and treatment, and she began intensive training in ultrasound techniques and interpretation.

Dr. Young subsequently purchased Echo Service for Pets, a mobile ultrasound service for companion and exotic animals, and has been providing veterinary ultrasound services for over a decade.She greatly enjoys helping animals and their owners with accurate and timely ultrasound care to assist in medical diagnosis and treatment. In her free time, Dr. Young delights in hiking with her dog, camping, scuba diving, horseback riding and travel.


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Technicians and Vet Assistants

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Franny - Veterinary Assistant Level 1


Veterinary Assistant Level 1

Sawyer - Veterinary Assistant Level 1


Veterinary Assistant Level 1

Josue - Veterinary Assistant Level 2


Veterinary Assistant Level 2

Client Service Representatives

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Hospital Administrator

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Darlene Geekie, RVT

Darlene Geekie, RVT

Founder of Veterinary Angels
Founder of the Little Angels Project
Founder of VEMA

Darlene has worked in the veterinary industry since 1996 and received her RVT certificate from Pierce College in 2001. After working in small animal and emergency practice for years, Darlene became a licensed falconer and found a passion for exotic animal nursing.

In 2005, Darlene also became co-owner and practice manager of a veterinary clinic which exposed her to all aspects of practice management. In 2008, Darlene undertook a new challenge as a consultant and project manager in the construction of Fixation, a non-profit feral cat program. She worked with the California Condor Recovery Program helping coordinate and perform field examinations which included collecting samples for West Nile Virus in cooperation with the Center for Disease Control in a study on the effects of a vaccine for endangered California Condors. In addition, she is a Board of Directors Member of the Monterey Zoo in Salinas, CA.

As an owner of a veterinary practice, Darlene learned that staff education is a critical element in a veterinary practice’s success. Throughout her career, Darlene has had a special interest in the fields of dentistry, anesthesia and exotic care which inspired her to lecture and work for Webster Veterinary Supply. As a Veterinary Practice Trainer, her extensive experience and passion for animal nursing has inspired many technicians. She has lectured for companies and organizations such as Webster, OraStrip, Midmark, AZVMA and SCVMA. Darlene enjoys the opportunity to share her expertise and professionalism to improve nursing care and overall staff knowledge in general practice.